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Chef Steph Hedrick


With a dedication to good food forged in the top Twin Cities restaurants, Chef Stephanie Hedrick is thrilled to step in to elevate our kitchen’s offerings and give diners an experience unique to dining at LUSH. She drives her kitchens with a commitment to fresh produce, healthy items, new trends, and some cheeky fun.

“It’s about the story: where did this come from, why are we serving it…and being honest in your cooking technique as well as the presentation”.
Her menu will be full of home cooked favorites as well as a commitment to weaving in other N.E. culinary treasures. Chef Steph lives in Nordeast with her two dogs and she spends most of her free time playing guitar, collecting records, caring for her houseplants, riding her 30-year-old motorcycle, and practicing yoga.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to serve my community. I look forward to crafting a menu that will bring you smiles, encourage your strength, and give you a moment to let go and just be you. Cheers!”

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