Contestant Inforation Page


Updated | 12/8/18


When to arrive: Arrive between 7:30pm – 8:59pm (no earlier, no later) on the night of the competition. There are a limited number of makeup tables and mirror space available, please come ready, or be prepared to share space. There will be a contestant meeting at 9p to draw numbers for show order. 

What to Prepare: Prepare 2 numbers (max length of 5 minutes per number). Think about your song and costume and select a lighting scene that compliments your outfit or matches the vibe of your song.

How to Win: The audience will choose the winner each week so be sure to invite your friends!

How to Register: Interested parties may fill out the form below to submit your music to the Tech. Please pick your preferred lighting option for each track. Please note, we do not accept YouTube links, you must have your music ready to go. 

This competition is about love and respect. Please be respectful of our space and other of contestants; anything less will get you disqualified.

Additional Rules

  • Music may ONLY be submitted through the website, using this page, and no YouTube links will be allowed.
  • Performance cannot be over 5 minutes.
  • No jumping off the stage or doing tricks that you don’t have experience with. Safety is our priority.
  • Your heels must be in good condition to protect our stage.
  • If you are caught breaking the rules or  being inappropriate backstage, you will banned from the competition and possibly the venue.

Register & Submit Your Tech!

Contestants – Use this form to register for the show, and to submit your lighting requests.