Season 1

Season 1 Aired from October 1st, 2017 to November 26th, 2017

SASHAY AWAY was the first competition of its kind in the Twin Cities! Each week contestants competed in challenges designed to showcase their wide range of talents. Each week a contestant was eliminated after competing in that weeks challenge until we found the winner. Judges deliberated to decide the best and the worst performances/challenges of the week. While audience applause played a role, it was ultimately up to the judges to decide the winners.  The grand prize of the competition was $1,000 by Absolut as well as other various of prizes!

SASHAY AWAY was packed full of surprises, comedy, drama and shenanigans for your viewing pleasure. All weekly episodes are available on our website below. YouTube episodes may also have some behind the scenes and bonus material that you might not see from the audience, so make sure to follow us on YouTube HERE and never miss the action! 

Sashay Away - Season 1