Miss LUSH 2020

Sunday, February 23rd, 2020

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Miss LUSH 2019 - Tygra Slarii


Miss LUSH 2019 – Tygra Slarii

A Note From Tygra

“As a trans woman my visibility is used day in and out to accommodate those who choose not to speak and don’t have a seat at the table. Being Miss Lush gives me another chance to represent my community to my highest ability on and off the stage.”

-Tygra Slarii

Miss LUSH 2018 - Kamaree Williams


Miss LUSH 2018 – Kamaree Williams

First Alternate – Zon Williams

Second Alternate – Slaymantha Foxx

A Note From Kamaree

“LUSH is more than just the place that I work, it is my home. I have developed a family with not only the staff but the patrons that come out and support all of the events that are put on by the establishment.” – Kamaree  Willams

Miss LUSH 2017 - Crystal Belle


Miss LUSH 2017 – Crystal Belle

First Alternate – 

Second Alternate – 

A Note From Crystal

I want to extend my ability to promote the bar and myself by becoming Miss Lush. I want to help grow and build a bigger crowd that comes to Lush by working with other venues and cross promoting. I also want to help build Miss Lush into a bigger role event by doing various charity events. – Crystal Belle

Miss LUSH 2016 - Laydee Swallowz


Miss LUSH 2016 – Laydee Swallowz

First Alternate – Nocturna Lee Mission

Second Alternate – B. Louise

A Note From Laydee

“I want to be Miss Lush 2016 because I would love to represent my home bar as the first ever Miss LUSH. I believe this title should be used as an opportunity to give back to the community, I also want to set a precedent that future Miss LUSH title holders do things throughout the year (fundraising, community events, etc.) to give back to the community. It would be an honor and privilege to represent LUSH in this capacity.” – Laydee Swallowz