About the show

The Wine In Her Voice is a themed monthly cabaret show featuring Twin Cities performer Hope Nordquist. Hope believes that music is powerful and has the ability to create change and community. She uses her sardonic sense of humor and vulnerability to disarm audiences and share her talents. Every third Sunday she is joined by some of her favorite performers and musicians. Depending on the month, she’s also joined by either Chef Steph on guitar or one of her amazing pianist friends: Kyle Picha, Zach Busch, Andrew Walker on the LUSH baby grand. Each show is curated by Hope and works to celebrate all genres of music. She’s sung everything from country to showtunes, rock to R&B. She works to create a space for other performers to try new things and feel supported in making art!

Producer Hope Nordquist

When to catch the show

You can catch the show in the LUSH Lounge on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

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Pictures from The Wine in Her Voice