About Melanated Ménagerie

We invite you into the House of Ménagerie, where we host an empowering space to express your identity in whatever way you feel to artistically express it. This is a production created with the purpose of creating a safe space to showcase BIPOC and QTPOC artistic souls. Celebrating all that unites us and collaborating to resist what oppresses us.

We have a monthly cast of rotating players. Featuring performers from the Twin Cities as well as some from afar.

Troupe Produced!

The Mistresses of Ménagerie work collaboratively to curate and bring you the best of all Performing Arts.

When to catch the show

Third Friday of every month at 7p

Social Media

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Why this show is important

This is the Twin Cities FIRST and ONLY all POC Burlesque Troupe. Providing a space of recognition and representation for performers and audience members alike.

Show Sponsors

Looking Glass Gems, KeKe Reaux, Hardcore Pasty’s, LUSH, and many community members.