What is The Big FAT Comedy Hour?

The Big FAT Comedy Hour is the value of the decade! For only $5 you can see amazing professional comedy, drag, burlesque and much more! This show is produced by local favorite, Sarah McPeck. Sarah is a comedian, improv actor and out and proud lesbian. Sarah keeps the show moving at a fast pace and always has a few tricks up her sleeve. Every show boasts a “Virgin Sacrifice.” A Virgin Sacrifice is someone doing stand up for the first time for charity. We collect an offering for their performance and donate the proceeds to a local LGBTQ community group or person(s) in need. You never know who might be dropping in on this show, as it is a favorite stage for many entertainers around town. The Big FAT Comedy Hour has a dedicated fan base so make sure you get your tickets early!  Tickets can be purchased on the Calendar Page


Sarah McPeck

When can you catch the show?

The Big FAT Comedy hour is generally the THIRD Sunday of the month, check the LUSH Calendar Page for more details and upcoming events.

What you can expect to see

Expect to see a little bit of everything! Stand-up, drag, live music, performance art are just some of the things you’ll see at the Big FAT Comedy Hour!