An All New #DragEvolution

Kamaree Williams and Bad Karma are taking over #DragRevolution! Starting December 6th this dynamic duo will be bringing a new vision and life to the weekly #DragEvolution show at LUSH.

What changes can you expect to see?

Kamaree and Karma have decided to run the show with slight element of a drag pageant. The top five will all “place” to move on to round 2. The winner and first alternate will win prize packages and bookings weekly, and, the winner will even get a crown of sorts.

LUSH is adding a paid booking spot in Saturday Drag Brunch for one of the #DragEvolution winners. That, as well as the current paid booking spot in the Saturday night #DragRevolution show are now up to the winners to decide on. The #DragEvolution winner will have first choice as to which show they perform in, the first alternate will get the other, if either can’t fulfill these bookings, they get passed down the line of those who placed, so if you place in the top 5, you will have a shot at getting a paid booking.

All contestants will also now also have the opportunity to pick a light scene with the show’s tech to enhance their performance. LUSH has set the bar in Minneapolis for high quality drag production using lighting effects and other tech, encouraging drag artists to wow the audience with a fully immersive performance. It only made sense to make this part of the contest. When contestants submit their music, they will also now have to specify a color for a light scene and if they would like movement in the lighting, or if they would like to have the lighting be still.

The weekly winners will also be doing a little photo shoot backstage after the show with Kamaree and Karma to be featured on the new #DragRevolution Fan Group page and in advertisements for the Saturday #DragRevolution show.

NEW! Reserved Seating!

LUSH will now be offering reserved seating to the weekly #DragEvolution show for just $3. The small ticket charge will go toward the grand prize of the finale show. Your reserved table will have your name on it when the show doors open at 9:30p. You can purchase tickets on the calendar page. Ticket sales cut off one hour before the show starts. 

Kamaree and Karma are also planning on publishing a few webisodes on “how to #DragEvolution”, so keep your eyes out for those videos as well. They will be on the LUSH Blog as well as the LUSH YouTube page.

There is also going to be a new way for contestants to sign-up to compete which can be seen on the #DragEvolution page of the LUSH website.

The rules have changed, all contestants should read


Every eight weeks there will be a finals show (planned for a Sunday evening) for the previous eight winners to battle against each other. The prizes will be WAY bigger and WAY better!

What is staying the same?

First and foremost, the supportive and loving atmosphere where we build each other up and celebrate each other’s differences will be still be there. As many can attest, this sense of belonging and growing together is the foundation of #DragEvolution and that will never change.

The audience picks the winners! If you want to win, you have to bring your friends to support you, and most importantly, cheer for you during voting!

Make sure you are checking out the LUSH blog for updates, and go ahead and subscribe to our YouTube Channel! 

For more information, check out the new #DragEvolution page.


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